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One of the most famous women in the adult entertainment industry has got to be Jenna Jameson, although now retired, many followers of her work still rate her as one of the all-time best.


Unlike many of the porn stars Jenna did keep a part of her name, the only part she changed was her surname, to which she decided on after her brother was talking about drinking Jameson. She was actually born as Jenna Marie Massoli back in April of 1974, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to parents Laurence and Judith. Jenna's father was actually a police officer, while her mother was also an entertainer as a popular showgirl in one of Las Vegas top casino's, the Tropicana. Sadly Jenna's mother passed  when Jenna was just nearing her second birthday, so she never really go to know her.



Being bought up by her grandparents for most of the time in Arizona, times were difficult, she also had an older brother, and they would regularly look after each other whilst their father was working to ensure that they had everything that they needed. During her childhood she learnt how to dance, by taking classes in ballet and actively took part in this and other forms of dancing for fifteen years. As well as the dancing she was also entered into many pageants too.


Jenna was determined to make something of her self and decided that she would like to follow the same career path that her mother took as a showgirl in Vegas, however due to Jenna's height only being 5ft 7, she found she was getting rejected; guidelines a the shows in those days required the girls to be 5ft 8. The work that she could find however, was still working in Vegas but for strip clubs as a dancer, and even though she was under-age at only 17, she decided to use fake ID to ensure she had a paying job. That was minor compared to what she did to ensure that she looked older too, in this attempt she actually cut out her braces with pliers just so she could look older and get accepted.


Within a short period or time, Jenna had proved very popular on the strip scene and in just several months she was earning very good per night that she danced, enabling her to save her money, she continued her studies during this time and also graduated. She used the name Jennasis, which she would later use for her own business Jennasis Killing Co, as well as the business she still owns today called ClubJenna


During the same year that Jenna started dancing, in 1991 she also went on to pose in several of the men's magazines, she decided on this as she wanted to get into penthouse, to which she eventually did.


Throughout Jenna's career she has strived to do the best best she could, and to always come out on top; during her time as a successful porn star she has received many awards, most notably in the beginning of her career. In just a few years of working her way through the adult industry, in 1996 Jenna won best newcomer in the top three adult movie award companies, gaining another 20 awards as well as being added to the hall of fame for both XRCO and AVN.